A shadowy figure at the right hand of Jared the Hand. Sought by the Izzimuth Guard.


Little is known of Shadowfoot. Many agree that it is a she, that she is Mraemen, and that she is highly skilled with her crossbow but this is where most agreeing tales end. Some say that she can shoot a block of wood into a bucket at eighty paces, others claim to have seen her catch a guardsman in the neck at more than a hundred yards, and more than a few swear with their life that they’ve seen one of her bolt fly from the second story of an inn across a city plaza, clean through a house window to the alley behind it, and pin an officer’s hand to the mortared wall when he threatened one of her contacts.

Rumors are aplenty about the bounty on her head, issued by the Izzimuth Guard, and are just as varied as the rumors of her marksmanship. Most reasonable folk suspect her dealings with Jared the Hand have put her in this tight spot or that she’s done wrong to the Inquisition directly, then saught asylum with the Thieflord, and wound up with a bounty on her head.

Currently, the reward for proof of her capture/demise stands at a thousand farthings.


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