Portfolio: Weather, Time, and Travel.

Deity of Weather, Time, and Travel, Althara is the daughter of the Fateweaver. Unlike the rest of the pantheon, Althara is considered by other deities to be more of an Avatar than a true Goddess. Althara resides on the meta-plane of the Weave with her mother.

Althara is fairly unpopular due to her favoring a barrier between the mortal world and the realm of the gods and goddesses. Her most popular branch of worshipers stems from the Igoolians.

Althara does not truly recognize her worshipers, she lets her mother answer their prayers instead. Those who pay tribute to Althara dedicate a time of day where they sit and meditate. At most, they wear the symbol of Althara. On occasion she rewards those dedicated to her teachings, from arranging the meeting of two lost lovers, to facilitating the escape of prisoners, to ensuring good weather to those of her faith who are betrothed.

It is said that she works most intimately with Celanos and Soshula. Most gods and goddesses choose not to confer with or recognize her due to her privileged status, though she has worked with Pyros and Voshim on occasion. She and Vaharano are often at odds; their Churches reflect this.

Althara believes that the mortal world should only be guided when necessary. She often manipulates weather to this end, providing favorable or unfavorable conditions to important events and ensuring her mother’s work is effective. She is said to be forceful with beings who chose to travel by means other than horseback, canoe, or foot; and draws particular ire at those who travel through magical or technological means. On rare occasion she will appear before her worshipers to guide them and answer questions; this is how much of her history has been learned.

The Church of Althara has no organizational structure and bears no distinction between worshipers. Althara’s symbol is a Bronze cogged wheel and her worshipers often wear either a pendant of Althara’s Holy Symbol or wear a bronze earring, necklace, or bracelet. Althara has no holy book or tenants to uphold, choosing to show by example rather than allow her message to the world to be tainted.

She only accepts Avatars on temporary basis, often using them for her mother’s ends. She tends to reward these Avatars with mighty Gifts which allow them to call upon the forces of Weather and Travel; only those most sacred to her receive the power to call upon Time itself. There have only been five known Avatars of Althara throughout recorded history; their names were kept secret to provide for their security and were stored in the city of Brino before it fell.

Worshipers of Althara who fall in the presence of other worshipers of Althara are kept in a Temple, surrounded by candlelight and anointed with honeyed wine for three days to allow the Fateweaver to pass judgment. If they do not return to life, they are then mummified and taken to the Great Moratorium where their bodies shall rest eternally. There have been only two Risings in recorded history.

Worshipers of Althara who die are sent before the Fateweaver to be judged. Those who she deems worthy are cast back into their mortal bodies to live again and those who she deems unworthy are cast back to the Weave to be joined with the world sometime in the future.


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