Portfolio: Creatures, Adaptation, and Endurance.

Celanos is the deity of the natural world. She is worshiped only by Druids who follow her dogma unflenchingly; this is due to how she requests her worshipers to direct themselves in their daily lives. She is sister to the deity Kagosho and as such shares her power with him. It is unknown where Celanos dwells.

Celanos requires only that her followers shed themselves of all manufactured items, allow their bodies to adapt, and endure the wilderness without resorting to technological means, worked metals, or mechanical traps.

Celanos works in solitude and ignorance of the other deities, excluding Kagosho whom she works with on occasion.

Most sentient beings do not ever see Celanos as she only ever intervenes when a creature’s species as a whole is at risk of dying off. She judges a species at the brink of their extinction and either condemns them to die off or permits them to live.

Aside from the tenants of Celanos, handed down from High Druid to High Druid, Celanos has never interacted with or shown favor toward her followers in any other manner than their children being notably more fortuitous than their forebearers.

Celanos prefers her worshipers to be without garments whatsoever but is reasonable when it comes to particularly cold or hot environments.

Celanos gives only nature her avatar, assigning her gift of sentience to the species most capable of itself. It is fabled by the Druids that the Aizkoh and Sarin were two of past races so gifted.

Should a worshiper of Celanos perish, he or she is left to serve as a resource for more capable beings. There are no burial rites or services performed on worshipers of Celanos, lest they be given some.


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