The Farthing is a universal coin accepted by most races in Serzahnk, excluding the Igloos who have their own, highly exclusive, monetary system, the Mraemen, whose economy is entirely dependent on Honor, Loyalty, and Renown, and the Grynan, whose economy is dictated by the current War King or Priestess.

The common short-script way of writing monetary transactions to documents is: F(Farthings)-S(Sidarin) – (Transaction) – (Time)

Examples of price

(These figures are representative of the years 119HF to 136HF and would not be accurate at any other point in Serzahnk’s history as the price and value of farthings fluctuates grandly from time to time, depending on the Global Marketplace. Prices may range from being within ten coins of accuracy within ten years of 119 and 136, to being over and even possibly grossly beyond ten thousand coins out of range with actual figures.)

  • A ration of food in Sepharin Territory – Three Farthings
  • A night’s stay at a comfortable Inn – Five Farthings
  • A common shortsword (averaged) – Two Hundred Seventy Five Farthings and Twelve Sidarin
  • A funeral service (burial) – One Hundred and Six Farthings, 12 Sidarin
  • A funeral service (cremation) – Sixty Farthings, no Sidarin
  • A wedding service (royal) – Nine Thousand Fourty Nine Farthings and Twenty-Six Sidarin
  • A wedding service (common) – Three Hundred and Eighty Two Farthings and Five Sidarin.
  • Herbs (Common) – Sixteen Farthings a bottle
  • Herbs (Rare) – Seventy-Nine Farthings a bottle
  • Wine (Cheap) – Ninety Three Farthings and four Sidarin a bottle
  • Wine (Royal) – Thirteen Thousand Farthings (F 13,000) 1
  • Gallon Wineskin – Thirteen Farthings
  • Hour-long Torch – Twenty Farthings
  • Work Gloves (Cloth) – Ninety-four Sidarin
  • Work Gloves (Soft Leather) – Six Farthings and Nine Sidarin
  • Work Gloves (Boiled Leather) – Seventeen Farthings and Thirty Seven Sidarin
  • A Gallon of Water – Free 2
  • A One-Bedroom, One-Kitchen Rent House – Ninety-Four Farthings a Month (F 940)

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