Portfolio: Light, Justice, and Hope.

Felanor is the second-most popularly worshiped deity throughout Serzahnk, bested only by Kagosho for his blessings of protection. Felanor has never directly intervened with Serzahnk, only once ever directly intervening with the events of the cosmos, and is said to reside in a palace on the surface of the moon, Sala Kad, able to see all of Serzahnk at once.

Felanor was the inadvertent creator of Varakis and, with the aid of the Fateweaver, imprisoned him inside himself before he consumed all of creation. Since that time, Felanor has forsworn any direct involvement with the more violent affairs of Serzahnk to atone for his mistake.

The Symbol of Felanor is a Red-lined pupil-less eye set inside a red circle.

Worshippers of Felanor often distinguish themselves with the scent of Lavender. Priests of Felanor wear white, red-striped, robes with shadowing hoods. Felanor’s weapon of choice is the spear.

Felanor will take on no avatar.

Those who die in service of Felanor are cremated during the evening, said to return to the moon, to the halls of Felanor, where they shall be judged and either live in peace among the stars or be devoured by the Void and absorbed into Varakis.


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