Portfolio: Earth, Protection, and Endurance

Kagosho is disputably the most worshiped of all deities in Serzahnk. Most assign this success to his dogma. Devout worshipers point to Kagosho’s noted acts in Serzahnk’s history as points which granted him his favor in the world. Among all races, the Firryn have the highest percentage of followers of Kagosho across their diverse kingdoms and the Draconians the least. He is brother to the deity Celanos; whom he shares his power with. Kagosho is one with the earth itself, living under the crust of the world in veins of magma in an obsidian and diamond palace.

In his many shrines, the unwashed may come to clean themselves and the rich may come to ask for blessings on their travels and businesses. The shrines of Kagosho have long been a blessed place where sanctuary may be sought against any aggressor, real or imagined. It is religious mandate that those who seek shelter in Kagosho’s shrines will be given shelter, those who require healing to be given healing, and those in desperate need given what is necessary. The Shrines are guarded by monks who practice herbal remedies, meditation, martial combat, and ancient, traditional, activities.

Though popular amongst mortals most deities frown at Kagosho’s blessings; feeling that the Gods and Goddesses should not so often intervene or extend their powers over mortals. Pyros, however, admires his spirit. As a result, worshipers of Pyros are not an uncommon sight in Kagosho’s shrines as Pyros feels Kagosho’s church and her own share many common goals. Zohulu, in particular, loathes Kagosho and his followers; his disorganized church follows this viewpoint.

Spreading blessings of protection and endurance among his faithful, Kagosho commands many of his faith to build shrines in his honor all throughout Serzahnk and make them safe havens amongst the ravages of the world. He is particularly rewarding to those devout followers of his who Pilgrimage into adverse or hostile terrain to establish a Shrine there.

Kagosho’s Church colors are brown and orange. Priests of Kagosho wear crowns or wield staffs carved from the rock of one of his Shrines in addition to long, hooded, cloaks and tough leather boots wrapped at the top with tied orange bands. Worshipers of Kagosho are not required to wear any particular article of clothing, but are asked to wear orange somewhere on their person. Monks of Kagosho wear long, open, brown cloaks and orange cloth garments with a belt adorned with Kagosho’s symbol along with tough leather moccasins, their feet wrapped with white cloth.

Kagosho’s symbol is a stylized mountain lit by a crescent moon.

The title of Avatar is spread from the High Monk to a person of his choosing once every lifetime. If the title is not spread then Kagosho selects a being to inherit the title; often a Monk of Kagosho. The Avatar of Kagosho inherits the ability to anoint people of his choosing with the blessings of Kagosho.

When a worshiper of Kagosho dies, they are buried the same day, either into the earth itself or, in the case of a particularly favored or powerful worshiper of Kagosho, buried in the center of the nearest Shrine of Kagosho.

Those who die in service of Kagosho are given a choice to live on as spirits who watch over their family or to be reborn as a Nosferatu and guard the Shrines and Tombs of Kagosho’s Favored.


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