Mahamaluk, “Land of the Free Peoples”


Though not as advanced as its neighboring islands Mahamaluk is a great source of rigid individualism, art, creative dance, and song.

Historical and Sociological Data

Originally named Mahnalalik, “The Lands of Heaven”, Mahamaluk was founded in the year 874 HF after an unsuccessful invasion of it’s homeland by the Vakshan Government. In 975 HF, the Island was renamed to ‘Mahamaluk’ or “The Land of the Free Peoples”.

Made up of several diverse and both indigenous and imported races, Mahamaluk is one of the more culturally diverse locations of Serzahnk.

Regions of Mahamaluk Regional Map of Mahamaluk

  1. Calmlands
  2. Elien
  3. Fyra
  4. Khali
  5. Kinarga
  6. Mhaluuk
  7. Plainsend
  8. Plains of Habishi
  9. Saraneen Mountain Range
  10. The Sapphire Coast


  1. Aizkoh
  2. The Analestians
  3. Ancients
  4. Draconians
  5. The Firryn
  6. The Grynan
  7. Humans
  8. ...The Sepharin
  9. ...Habishi
  10. The Kizzen
  11. Mraemen
  12. The Sarin
  13. Sarina
  14. The Shuutjae
  15. Wingless


Mahamaluk’s Economy is driven by the Farthing, a disc-shaped copper coin which is representative of whole-units of trade value, and the Sidarin (a Sarin Coin), which handles fractions of whole-units.


  1. Aizkoh
  2. Ancient
  3. Analestian
  4. Draconian
  5. Firryn
  6. Grynan
  7. Huut
  8. Eiklosian [i-kloo-si-ahn]
  9. Kizzen, a Firryn variant
  10. Mrae-speech
  11. Nardula [Nar dju la]
  12. Sarin [Sar en]
  13. Old Sepharim
  14. Sepharim
  15. Taksha/Common
  16. Varakin [Vahr ahk en]
  17. Wingless


With a population nearing four million and five hundred thousand people, Mahamaluk is second of the most populated island-states of Serzahnk.

Mahamaluk is home to eight, major, seperate races. The figures given below are the Pre-Darkmana numbers of the races inhabiting Mahamaluk; they are rounded for sake of simplicity and ease of reading. 1 (Author’s Note: Major Factions and Allegiances of said races are indicated by being double-dashed before the faction name for the sake of those wishing to know the numbers consisting of the said population.)

Humans - 1,505,000
--Sepharin 925,000
--Habishan 610,950
Sarin - 1,204,000
--Kontarrus Sun 595,000
--Kontarrus Ji'kon 364,000
--Kontarrus Salzon 140,000
--Kontarrus Talmut 105,000
Grynan - 406,000
Draconians - 224,000
Firryn - 1,015,000
Mraemen - 31,500
Aizkoh - 17,500
Kizzen - 10,500
Igool - 200(?)

? – The Igool are rumored to have some sort of Stronghold upon the face of Mahamaluk, where it is said some outcast members of the Igool Miltia live, but no actual Igool have ever been found nor has there been located any sort of Igool Stronghold.

Government Type

Mahamaluk’s government is dependent upon the race, but the governments of most power, those being the Sepharin Kingdom, the Firryn Empire, the Sarin Confederation, and the Draconian Queendom are, majorly, Kingdoms and Economic Oligarchies.


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