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[This page to be updated as the party becomes more knowledgeable of the world]


Though this Wiki looks empty it isn’t! Many sections and articles are missing on purpose, to be revealed as the party interacts more with the world and becomes more familiar with it. Mahamaluk can be considered the ‘mainstay’ of the Wiki currently.

Should anything confuse, feel free to leave me feedback on the Comments tab.

Geography – The Islands and Continents of Serzahnk

Legend [W]= White Union Controlled [B]= Black Hand Controlled [N]= Neutral Region/Zone]

Select a continent or island for specific information about that location.

  1. Anyabon[N]
  2. Anyanoraan[N]
  3. Anyathield[N]
  4. Aravas[B]
  5. Goftherno
  6. Igool[W]
  7. Imhalad Glacap
  8. Mahamaluk[W]
  9. Cyr[W]
  10. Telavos
  11. Thancarga
  12. Vaksha
  13. Darkbane Islands[B]
  14. Vosen Isles[N]


  1. Fateweaver
  2. Varakis


  1. Althara
  2. Celanos
  3. Felanor
  4. Kagosho
  5. Pyros
  6. Soshula
  7. Vaharano
  8. Voshim
  9. Zohulu

Main Page

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