Portfolio: Fire, Beauty, and Freedom.

The Goddess of Fire, Beauty, and Freedom is one of the more popularly worshiped deities throughout the Sepharin, Sarin, and Grynan peoples. Pyros is one of the few gods and goddesses who prefers an active role in Serzahnk’s history. She has selected many historic figures as her avatar and has appeared on several historic events to give her blessings.

Unlike the other Gods and Goddesses, Pyros has no permanent residence or home to call her own. She travels from fire to fire, throughout the world, acting as she sees fit. She is known to be playful at times, playing tricks and jokes, but she never performs a prank at any great expense to a being.

One of her more popular times of appearance is during wedding ceremonies and the like, often making great displays in the sky for newlyweds, lighting their way back home and, on rare occasion, mending wedding attire and giving her direct blessings to the bride or groom.

She is one of the most outwardly protested of hated Gods and Goddesses as well, drawing much ire from the Habishan and Firryn people. Rarely does she respond to such accusations and when she does, normally, none address her forwardly; though on rare occasion she will appear to rebut or confirm charges against her and her church in person.

This has led to many awkward moments in political dialogue when the Goddess has appeared at the drop of a hat and joined an exchange between two powerful leaders, sometimes merely observing, other times actively voicing the opinions and concerns of her church openly.

Pyros is said to work closely with Felanor when they see eye-to-eye on a particular issue and she has served as a messenger of Felanor to his worshipers on more than one occasion to give hope and comfort at times of great peril and adversity.

She has also actively worked against Felanor and his dogma on occasion when they do not see eye to eye. Though only twice in history, Pyros has sided with Zohulu in front of Felanor’s worshipers before to prove a point and lead by example.

Pyros’ symbol is a stylized flame. Her priests often wear red silk wrappings underneath open and sleeveless grey robes. Worshipers of Pyros often wear a tied band of red silk on their wrists, an amulet with a small faceted ruby, or a dyed loop of tied string on their wrist.

Those who die in service of Pyros are given wine and then burned where Pyros’ heat comes unto them and comforts them as their life is extinguished. In death, those who have passed are given the option to view the world through flame once more before passing into ash or to forever burn brightly in the Sun.

On rare occasion, Pyros has graced the passing of particularly devout worshipers or worthy beings by appearing herself, embracing them with her brightest flames, and then remaining afterward to comfort those who truly loved the ashed. On one such occasion, Pyros appeared for the mass before the burning and even provided a small speech to the humble gathering before her embrace.


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