Portfolio: Water, Fertility, and Destruction.

Of the deities of Serzahnk, Soshula receives the least amount of dedicated worshipers due to her dogma. She is best represented among those who sail the sea and warriors of great caliber. Due to feelings of betrayal the Firryn and Kizzen only marginally represent their race in her church. Soshula dwells in the Glacier of Imhalad in a crystalline palace of marbled green ice and smooth, spiraling, jade.

Soshula is an intervening deity. She grants requests of fertility and responds to the prayers of seafarers and warriors. Historically, she has called great tsunamis to drag entire armies into the sea at lengthy request by military commanders and pirate lords alike.

The Pantheon have mixed feelings of Soshula and her agendas; especially intervening in mortal wars. This hesitation stems from her unpredictability and seemingly random mood changes.

Unlike other deities, Soshula creates her avatars, primal forces of water fashioned in her image. She will hear only prayers which part their lips. All others fall on deaf ears.

Like the tide, Soshula’s mood is said to change rapidly and, with them, her current agenda. Due to this, and other reasons, most races have firm opinions on Soshula and her worshipers; ranging from unfavorable to outright hostility and oppression.

The Church of Soshula is a small one composed of dedicated priests and worshipers, all graced with Avatars of Soshula. Her symbol is wholly representative of her portfolio, given unto the church by Soshula. The Church’s designated colors are blue and green. There is no set attire among the Church of Soshula and even priests may dress as they feel would please the deity.

Should a member of the Church of Soshula perish they are sent with their possessions to the sea by boat, river, or raft. Those who die far from shore are often given a mouthful of water and then left to rot; worshipers of Soshula knowing that even this much will enable their spirits to travel to the sea.

Those who worship Soshula are said to become one with the sea itself, forming a roiling, titanic, mass. To worshipers of Soshula, for this reason, the sea itself is considered an especially holy sanctuary.


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