The Lost Guild of the Natosutcl

All traces of the history of this guild were all but erased in the corruption of Brino, which once was the guild’s home, and the Darkmana War.

What little text and story remains describes the former majesty of these courtly arcanists and clever swordsmen. One of the only surviving records of a member of the Lost Guild comes from the pen of Natosutcl member Nalitous Muhrner, who details the exact specifications of a sword the Firgof once requested.

Many archaeologists believe that the Natosutcl were once a guild of retired warriors and mages who lent their services to the mighty and wealthy in times of need or as favors to great men and women of all races. Their membership included Analestians, Draconians, and Mraemen among their Sepharin and Firryn ranks, a since unheard of gathering of races.

Many myths and stories are built on the surviving tales of Nalitous Muhrner, who often wrote in confusing riddles often switched the language he was writing in several times a paragraph, most of which consist of fantastic tales of old warriors or the days of the Ancients and Old Ones. There is little evidence to substantiate any of the documentation in Muhrner’s diaries, and so many of these myths and fantastic legends continue being passed from generation to generation; delighting many a bar patron and gathering many an author’s pen and adventurer’s sword to the call of the treacherous and enigmatic old texts, crypts, dungeons, and temples of the Lost Guild.

The Lost Guild of the Natosutcl

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