The Sapphire Coast



Home to the Sepharin population of Mahamaluk, the Sapphire coast is host to numerous ports-of-call, Inns, sprawling metropolises, markets and forested regions. The chief and capital city of the Sapphire Coast lies in the The Kingdom of Bonvah, the City of Maltu.

The Kingdom of Bonvah

It is one of the central pillars of Mahamaluk’s economy and is notably one of the only places around the world that excels in the production, and trade there-of, of magical goods, components, and artifacts; those who choose to specialize in the trade of Magical Artifacts are called ‘Artificers’ by the local Sepharin population, a term that has spread in popularity to many of its neighboring Kingdoms and States.

Also home to the Sapphire Coast is one of the largest cities upon the face of Serzahnk, The City of Anyadele; which is home to the Blood Knights and the Guild of the Stars, two of the oldest guilds on Mahamaluk.

There are two Sarin Tunnels in the Saphire Coast region: The Anyadele Tunnel (named ‘UnderHall’ by the locals), and the Maltu-Sarin Communal Passage (referred to as the ‘Long Dark’).

Notable sites and locations

The Sapphire Coast

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