Portfolio: Humanoids, Wisdom, and Technology

Vaharano is the force which drives the fires of industry and technology ever forward. She is a non-intervening deity, setting plans in motion and leaving them to the mortal world to complete. According to Vaharano’s lore, she is responsible for all sentient races discovering how to obtain and maintain Fire and is said to have given all races the Wheel. Vaharano dwells in the minds of the sleeping, fragmented into thousands of dreams. The Kizzen favor Vaharano greatly over other deities and the Habishans loathe her.

For every major advance in technology, Vaharano has appeared to an inventor in his or her dreams. She is said to only allow a few minutes’ embrace of the new technology to its designated inventor before forcing them to awaken. Each inventor is given a choice for the technology to perish or flourish—Vaharano oft shows the world with and without the technological advance to each inventor before they must make their decision.

Loremasters, as they call themselves, are dedicated worshipers of Vaharano. Many gain her favor by continuously forging and giving away much of their crafts and craft knowledge. There are even a few communities in Vaksha where worshipers of Vaharano hold meetings in public squares to demonstrate and teach their knowledge and ways; these meetings can cover religious topics but most are public workshops.

Vaharano requires each of her worshipers to forge an item upon their entrance to her church, and once every year hence, and wear them always from that day forth. Every other year, they are required to sacrifice one of their forged works to the common good, wherever it may be found. For hermits, this means they must Journey to find the person who needs their item.

Vaharano’s symbol is the Anvil. Worshipers of Vaharano have no guidance for clothing themselves and are oft encouraged to wear what fits them best. Priests of Vaharano wear grey, brown-striped, robes with large silver chains bearing gold anvils that they must smith themselves.

Vaharano accepts no Avatars. She, instead, chooses beings as inventors.

Those who die in service of Vaharano become a part of the Great Library, their skin becoming blessed vessels of knowledge, their bones becoming a part of the temple itself, and their meat preserved for the study of science; meat which has decayed is burnt to fuel the fires of the Great Library. The bodies of those who have deceased are often taken by people referred to as ‘Pages’ upon the request of their family to the Great Library as the Kizzen do not permit those not of their own to cross their borders.


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