Origin and homeland of the Sarin species. Vaksha is dominated by plains and rocky outcroppings spread apart by wide lakes and low mountains. Its capital city and center of commerce, Sidara, rests at the center of an elaborate wheel of surrounding counties, farmplots, and colonies, regulating much of the island.

The Four Elders, who hold lifetime election of office, govern much of the Sarin military and political attitudes and stances here within the marbled halls of the Stormcaller: directing the world of the Sarin, convening every three months to discuss policy or interpret and resolve laws as necessary, and serving as an emergency council to any military or political event requiring immediate attention.

Containing the strongest navy in Serzahnk, Vaksha is uncontested in its control of Vaksha.


Vaksha’s population is well over seventy percent Sarin and their numbers exceed thirteen million here. With the Sepharin included, the island contains nearly fifteen million people and is the most densely populated island on the face of Serzahnk.


The currency of Vaksha accepts Sidarin as its primary currency but also exchanges Igoolian currency and Farthings (at a very deflated value).

Major Sites and Locations

  • Greyport
  • Naravas Caverns
  • Sidara
  • Mount Grace
  • The Stormcaller


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