Portfolio: Death, Natural Decay, and Luck

Voshim is the least worshiped of all Serzahnk deities due to her portfolio and demeanor toward her followers. Those who do worship her are often dangerous cults and brash, adventurous, dungeon delvers.

Voshim chooses Avatars from those who are dead or dying and offers them everlasting life in return for their obedient service and unquestioning loyalty. Avatars of Voshim are known for their remarkable luck and fortitude, graced unto them by their heavenly host. If at any time she decides that person has outlived their usefulness she will terminate their contract and condemn the person to their demise.

Voshim has often meddled in the mortal world’s affairs, much to the ire of Felanor, who heartily disagrees with the way she dispenses her dogma; in particular, with the callous and painful ending of her enemies and the oft needlessly violent deaths of her worshipers. Pyros also turns a cold shoulder to Voshim, accosting her violent and immature fatalities and poison-tipped words.

The Symbol of Voshim is her Scythe, the Last Cry. Her worshipers wear hooded brown cloaks and silver sashes; there is no given distinction between priest and worshiper in the church, only in the eyes of Voshim do the priests receive more favor than the clergy.

Those who worship Voshim are left to decay naturally in whatever place they are found by Voshim’s worshipers. Those who die within any of her temple’s walls are looked upon favorably and given unto the Fateweaver, who then passes judgment on them.

Those who do not die within a place holy to Voshim are reborn as lepers, courtesans, and cripples, often suffering terrible luck throughout the length of their whole life.


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