Portfolio: Shadow, Corruption, and Retribution.

The only God of Varakis to survive the War of Creation, spared by Felanor only by grace of the adamant Soshula and Pyros. Though Felanor accepted their advice, he stripped the God of much of his former power and locked it away within the Void where it could not ever be recovered.

Zohulu is the least popular of all Serzahnk’s Gods and Goddesses and, save one, has no temples or churches in his name.

Often portrayed as a Dark God, bent on seeking revenge for his enslavement, Zohulu has actually done little of importance, detesting enough his forced involvement with the world of Serzahnk to find the very idea revolting.

He disagrees with his worshipers, coming unannounced onto them, openly challenging them in large gatherings or church sermons. This is further complicated by Zohulu’s refusal to bestow his church with codes of conduct, moral stories, and given laws.

Zohulu has impressed the Pantheon on more than one occasion, though neither trusts the other, when the two have actively worked together to accomplish a singular goal. He has never acted out of anything but his own personal amusement; rarely this matches up with the Gods’ and Goddesses’ plans.

Bitter and complacent with the World of Serzahnk he has, when the mood struck him, appeared to turn the tide of a battle in a particular faction’s favor. He does not appear in person but rather involves himself in an individual’s dreams. Privy to many secrets Man was Not Meant to Know, Zohulu freely extends this information to his followers if asked—often leading to their immediate insanity, suicide, or death.

Due to the minuscule amount of actual priests and worshipers of his dogma, Zohulu’s own faith argues with itself on official church attire and symbol.

Zohulu accepts no avatars.

Zohulu’s worshipers have never been given direction on how to deal with those who die in Zohulu’s name. Often times, they take a vote among the local congregation for the method of burial. When there is only one worshiper of Zohulu, often the worshiper is simply left to rot.


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